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Herbal extracting and concentrating line CX-4000

Model: CX-4/1

1. Materials made of bearing pressure SUS 304 (origin: Europe)
2.Qualifying GMP standards.
3.Touch screen 65.000 color, 10 inch (OMRON- Japan)
4. Automatic program controller by Siemens PLC from Germany.
5. Solvent retrieval system.
6.Machine profile. Inspection report of technical safety. Inspection stamp of bearing pressure equipment.
7. Stainless steel certification.
8. IQ, OQ certifications.
9.Warranty 12 months


1. Circulating cooling tower, Motor 2 Hp, model: TSC-50RT from Taiwan
Zinc pipeline Þ90 connecting the Extractor and Cooling tower.

Capacity: 500 kcal/h.
-Heated by wood
-Exhaust dust treatment system.
-Safety inspection report.
-Inspection stamp.
- Heat-insulation steam pipeline connecting the boiler and the Extractor.
- Warranty: 12 months

1. High extraction efficiency: Assure to extract active ingredients absolutely as medical herb contacts with solvent many times.
2. Saving extraction solvent:Only a single amount of solvent is needed initially.
3. Able to retrieve extracted solvent.
4. Low operation cost as compared with older technolody.
5. Extraction occurred in the low temperature (50-70 oC) will retain the active ingredients, improving the herbal medicine quality.
6. Extraction and concentration in closure vacuum system to protect the surrounding environment and keep itself from contamination.
7. Remove the unwanted residual such as mucilage, gum.
8. Time-saving as extraction and concentration is within 1 working shift.
9. Machine material contacting with medical herb is made of SUS 304 qualifying GMP standards. Long product’s life cycle.
10. Automatically controlled by PLC.
11. Color touch screen 10 inches. Display in English. Easy for operation.
12. Steam heating for cost saving.
13. CIP system by high pressure pump.


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